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Family Law Attorneys

Good law firms help their clients resolve conflicts productively.

At Richmond VA, we understand, and we strive to help our clients using empathy and reason. We understand that personal relationships are complex, and we strive to limit the chaos of family conflicts that can arise in divorce, child custody, family support and other matters.

If you retain our services, we will listen to your concerns, keep you informed of developments and provide you with legal options that are tailored to meet your needs, not just the requirements of the court process.

Our attorneys are experienced litigators in family law matters and in bankruptcy. One of our founding partners.

Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys Serving Littleton and the Denver Suburbs

Harkess & Salter, LLC, is dedicated to improving the lives of clients who are involved in family conflicts or have issues to resolve concerning property or businesses. We assist our clients with matters concerning:

  • Divorce, including both simple divorce and complex divorce involving complicated assets
  • Property division in a divorce
  • Child custody, support and relocation issues
  • Debt and bankruptcy during divorce
  • Estate planning following divorce
  • Domestic violence and protective orders
  • Modifications, enforcement and contempt actions relating to divorce, child custody or family support
  • Mediation and collaboration, in which a trained attorney acts as an intermediary in a dispute
  • Adoption

For a complete review of our services, please read our practice areas overview page. Check out Framingham lawyer.

Saving Money, Preserving Family Good Will | Lakewood Family Law Lawyers

While it may seem emotionally satisfying to “punish” the other side through a court action, courts almost never see a family law case as an all-or-nothing proposition. Instead, they tend to favor reasonable solutions that provide the most benefit to the children, and to both parties in the case.

In fact, attorneys often lose credibility before judges when they are overly aggressive or unwilling to compromise for the good of the family. In our experience, judges like to hear reasonable and thoughtful requests. Families who are able to participate in resolving their differences not only do better in the court system, they are more likely to avoid future disputes involving child custody, visitation schedules, alimony and other obligations.

At Harkess & Salter, LLC, our lawyers are experienced and tough litigators who fight for their clients in court. However, we also understand that litigation is a tool, and that in most cases, it is best used in conjunction with negotiation or mediation to get everyone the most of what they need and want.

Using negotiation, mediation and collaborative techniques, we can resolve often disputes more quickly and with less financial and emotional expense than in a contentious court trial. If you are looking for auto accident lawyers you can visit Buffalo car accident attorneys.